Our histories and future,,

Our histories and future,,

We established our UMACAMON Group LLC on July 2014.  It’s very common to say, it’s been very tough time we had been through.


<2014 – 2015>

Honestly, we have been through many difficulties and tough time last two years but every time we had somebody encouraged and supported us to survive.   We would say it’s much more than just say “it’s hard time”. We are two individual owners business and these owners (two guys above in the picture) used to work at a same company (food distributor in US) and had a big determination to start UMACAMON. It’s a big turning point in our lives.  Unlikely we had a million of dollars to start off our business but we had a very limited capital and too optimistic to survive years. We were just a salary man before. Again to mention, we had to go through a hell time with a killing working hours. We many times wanted to give up but now finally could say we are happy what we are here with UMACAMON everything.


After two years we finally began our next location in the Zurich food court in Schaumburg area. We like to keep challenging ourselves to expand our business philosophy in the US, “we make what we wish if there is come true in a food industry”. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible to make it happen. Think about how many meals you can have in your entire life. Let’s eat wisely and let’s eat what’s value for you to eat and make yourself and your significant happy with the foods. We try our best to serve what we would like to have we were a customer at a restaurant and always pursue our customer’s satisfaction at UMACAMON. We promise our best to keep it.

As mentioned here, we keep on challenging. Here are what we will try next!

  • Delivery service
  • A new catering location
  • Japanese style Fast-food lunch truck (JP style HotDog and sandwich)
  • Restaurant Encouragement Review Website (Restaurant Genki Site)
  • Find a new partnership

Delivery service – We will soon start a lunch box delivery for our neighborhood business location. We have a custom lunch box (Change daily) for the reasonable price so we deliver those.


A new catering location- Next catering location would be somewhere in Evanston.  Please look forward to it near Northwestern University!

Japanese style Fast-food lunch truck (JP style HotDog and sandwich)- We have a unique business partner. We are planing to have a conceptual food business in Chicago down town. One of our ideas is to create a Japanese style fast-food lunch truck. Something only we can do!

Create a Restaurant Encouragement Review Website (Restaurant “GENKI” Website)- Creating a website for a restaurant with being  managed by a restaurant people. It’s like a restaurant community site as well as a site for their customers encourage feedback to the restaurant. If there is a website to encourage the restaurant businesses that would be great for a restaurant business as well as its customers to see what’s the restaurant people think of their customers. I personally believe it’s hundred times better than some websites just untruthfully criticizing a food business or any kind of businesses just because it’s a free speech is protected by the law and people need a place to lease their frustration against a business. Our idea is that if a business is encouraged by customers it will come back to its consumers. Win-win logic.

Find a new business partnership – we always welcome a new business partner or investor. A new business partner could be anybody who has enthusiasm to start off a new potential business. We are willing to support or cooperate or join your idea with our capability. For example we may join your idea and pursue the mutual wining!

For a future investor, we are always welcome an investor or cooperate businesses here in the US.  As we are a Japanese food business, we are very excited seeing a new venture from Japan as well. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to try something new from Japan. We may make it happen together.