Umacamon Japanese Kitchen

Very happy to see you all at UMACAMON!

UMACAMON (our restaurant name) means ‘tasty foods’ in a local dialect of southern part of Japan called ‘KYUSHU’ island. Restaurant owner is from ‘KYUSHU’ island.
Many of the menu selections are unique and local foods that you may not experience at other Japanese restaurants. ‘YAKITORI’ is one of our signature selections and meaning a char-grilled skewed meats & seafood. Some may say ‘YAKITORI’ is just a skewed grilled chicken but here is UMACAMON from Kyushu so it means differently. We use a grill-wood called ‘Bincho-Tan’ gives it a lot smokier flavor to meats & seafood than regular char grill.
We also focus on extending our liquor selections with a variety of ‘SHOCHU’ drinks which is a distilled alcohol drink like a spirit type. It’s made of variety of ingredients, rice, sweet potato, barley, buckwheat, sugar cane and more. Rice SHOCHU is light fruity flavor, potato one has stronger and aromatic flavor and Barley SHOHU is right around a middle and smoother to drink.
‘Shochu’ is roughly divided into two categories both regulated under the Liquor Tax Act: single
distillation Shochu (alcohol content of 45% or less) and multiple distillation Shochu (alcohol content of 36% or less). Out of single distillation Shochu, the following can only be called Honkaku Shochu.

How about Lunch? UMACAMON serves a lunch menu selection which is very popular at a family diner’s type of restaurant in Japan. JP style Curry Rice, Hamburger plate, omelet, pork cutlet and more. Of course we have the fresh SUSHI selections too. You may ask ‘where are a fancy SUSHI roll like a Godzilla roll?’ We don’t carry those because we’re trying to make it as an authentic Japanese food culture as we can. We do have some rolls like spicy tuna, dragon roll with high quality ingredients and try our quality SUSHI donburi, Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon, Ikura and more!
Don’t forget our home-made burger plate at Lunch, it’s not an ordinal meat patty. It’s got a lot of veggies, spices, and flavors. Demiglace sauce is our home made style and very tasty.
Lastly our food concept is to make our customers felt like tasting a real Japanese food and have a joyful experience here in UMACAMON Japanese Kitchen!


Business Hour
Saturday- Thursday
11:30-2pm (lunch)
6:00pm-11pm (dinner)

11:30-2pm (lunch)
6:00pm – 12am (dinner)

11:30-2pm (lunch)
5pm-10pm (dinner)

** Last order is 30min prior
** Monday is closed

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