NEW BUSINESS Limited Hiring –

限定募集 急募- (日本語下方)

UMACAMON starts a new catering business very soon!  As we start the new business, we hire two positions as follow:

#1 Catering service staff  (hourly hiring) – $18 per hour

  • Simple serving operation (3-3.5 hours per day)
  • Carry/Serve/Clean
  • No Kitchen experience required
  • Driver’s license requried
  • 1-3 days a week/schedule changes every week(No weekend)
  • Only serious candidate welcome/punctual/detail work – do not apply if you are not serious!

#2 Partnership position (hire as a contract partnership)

  • Simple serving operation
  • Food Prepare/Carry/Serve/Clean
  • 1-3 days a week/schedule changes every week
  • A little Kitchen experience required we help you
  • 40% profit sharing for you (more sell then more profits for you)
  • Food, labor, general expenses including insurance, contract fees are subtracted as an entire cost

Please contact via text or email.

Text at 224-268-5284, Attn: KC

Email: umacamon@gmail.com



#1 ケータリングサービススタッフポジション(時間給18ドル)

  • 簡単なケータリング作業(給食係の用にお客様へ食べ物をお皿で配給します)(日に3-3.5時間)
  • 運搬・配給・片付け
  • 調理経験は問いません
  • 運転免許
  • 週に1~3日間のお仕事(週末ではありません)
  • まじめで一生懸命な方、時間に几帳面な方、やるきのある方 大歓迎


  • 簡単なケータリング作業(給食係の用にお客様へ食べ物をお皿で配給します)(日に3-3.5時間)
  • ケータリングフードの準備(教えます)
  • 短くても調理経験がある方歓迎
  • 運転免許
  • 週に1~4日間のお仕事(週末ではありません)
  • 40%の利益分配パートナーシップ(売れば売るだけ自分の利益があがります)
  • 利益前の経費として(フードコスト、人件費、保険、雑費、ケータリング契約料金)後の確定利益を40%お渡しします
  • まじめな方、将来自分の商売を真面目にやってみたい方、自分で小規模ビジネスをマネージしてみたい方


Text at 224-268-5284, Attn: KC Kimori (日本語可)

Email: umacamon@gmail.com





定期募集(regularly hiring)

Hi! Umacamon Japanese Kitchen has some open positions for you!


We are hiring a floor & kitchen staff.

<<Kitchen staff – prep chef, kitchen assistant (grill or Sushi), Dinner or Lunch or Both>>

We are looking for a good motivated kitchen staff who wants to expand our business together.

In October this year we will need more staffs for our business expansion. Not enough kitchen experience? No worries, we will train you. Also if you learn SUSHI menu, this is the place!

Please contact via text or email.

Text at 224268-5284, Attn: KC

Email: umacamon@gmail.com

We are looking forward to seeing you!



勤務内容:簡単な仕込みと寿司ロールの調理 (時給要相談)




Please contact via text or email.

Text at 224-268-5284, Attn: KC

Email: umacamon@gmail.com

<<Floor service (dining services) Tuesday – Sunday, Lunch shift Available>>

Floor service – $$$ depends on your experience and starting wage is from $12 with no tip for non-experience server.

Experienced servers make a competitive wage with tips here!